During a talk recently with Spinoff Online, Michael Dorn opened up on his fan-favorite new project, the ‘Captain Worf’ series, and what he would like to see from the series:

“One of the things that I came up with was, in the Klingon universe that I created in this particular story, there are going to be Starfleet people, all other kind of races, that are in the Klingon culture because they’ve had to move forward. They can’t be this sealed community anymore. And so there’s a lot of different races, and one of the things I said was, “What if Worf didn’t have a Klingon uniform, didn’t have a Starfleet

Photo credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

uniform, but he had his own uniform?” To me, that’s a great idea. I like the idea and it’s worth fighting for. And it’s a small thing in terms — in the world that I’ve written, I think it’s good. I think you’ve got to fight for that.

We are going to not try to put the timeline in any place in particular. We’re just going to say it’s “in the future,” starting from “Deep Space Nine” on. It doesn’t have to be our time or their time. But it’s just the next years after that, so that’s where it’s at. And it’s not a secret — I mean, the script’s out there — but basically, Worf has never been one that looks war, power, doesn’t look to be head of the Klingon Empire or anything like that. He’s a soldier, and he’s learning. He loves that part of it.

What’s happening is that there is a small war going on, and Worf believes that it’s not just about the war. It’s about something else. And he’s been around quite long enough to know that his feelings, his gut reactions, are almost perfect. Whenever he feels something, there’s actually something going on. So he’s just basically trying to figure out what is happening, and he wants to try to prevent it, if it’s not in the Klingon’s best interest.”

He also discusses what actors/ characters he would like to see return for the series, including Marina Sirtis as Deanna Troi (‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’) and Nana Visitor as Kira Nerys (‘Deep Space Nine’). He also said he would be very interested in getting Rosario Dawson to come onto the series, as it is well known that she is a huge Trekkie and has talked publicly before about her wish to play a Klingon in the new ‘Star Trek’ movies. As for the run of the show, Dorn hopes to produce 5 seasons of 12-13 episodes, as he feels that would be adequate time to tell the story he wants to present. However, he first has to get the project off the ground, and here’s his plan:

“We want to film a sizzle reel for anybody that wants to see it. I think it’s very important to show people what it’s going to look like, to show people the feel, so that they can get excited about it also. I mean, it’s one thing to see a script. And I think that’s how the business has changed in that there’s so much in terms of special effects and computers and CG and people doing stuff on the Internet that that’s what people are drawn to. And that’s what they gravitate to is the kind of visceral, seeing something, and how it’s going to grab them and how it’s going to feel and how it’s going to look. So that’s what we’re planning to do … all it takes is somebody to go, “You know, let’s do this.” Even if it’s just a pilot or a TV move, or a backdoor pilot, as they say. It’s almost like I want to say, “Hey, look. Just give us a shot.””

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