Before becoming a household name by directing ‘Godzilla‘, Gareth Edwards cut his teeth by bringing the giant creature feature ‘Monsters‘ to the world and now it is coming to TV! Vertigo Films is currently set to adapt an ongoing series based off of the film for Channel 4. At this point, Ronan Bennett (‘Top Boy’) is set to be the series showrunner with a script which is being put together by Daniel Fajemisin-Duncan and Marlon Smith.

For those unfamiliar with the movie and love giant monster films, you should really check the original out. In it, we follow Scoot McNairy playing a journalist who has been asked to escort his employer’s daughter out of an area which has been infected by these giant monsters. Played by Whitney Able, we see that this pair quickly find that there is more to the story that has been let on by the government or that they even find out throughout the course of the film.

There is plenty of room to expand on the idea, and it is expected that Edwards will be working on the series behind-the-scenes once it is fully greenlit. At this point, it is unclear as to the full extent of his involvement. I suspect we’ll see him in as an executive producer with some overall ideas on the direction of the series.

It is being developed by Head of international drama Simon Maxwell and is talking to a US partner, which currently it looks as if Netflix and Amazon are in talks to pick it up. With the success of shows such as ‘Black Mirror’ and ‘Electric Dreams’, they believe either network would be the perfect fit for the show.

Would you want to see a giant creature feature styled television show? Do you think ‘Monsters’ had enough of a draw to be a long-running ongoing series? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline