Can Wonder Woman’s bulletproof bracelets stop laser blasts?  Maybe, maybe not, but director Michelle MacLaren, who was attached to direct the live action feature film starring DC’s famous female super hero may have found a suitable project to replace that venture, and what a doozy– ‘Star Wars!’

Word is, McLaren has sat down with Lucasfilm to discuss taking on the second ‘anthology’ film in their overreaching plan to build the ‘Star Wars’ film universe with side movies set within the same continuity.

MacLaren built her reputation directing some of the most acclaimed shows on television, including ‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Game of Thrones.’  She was lassoed to ‘Wonder Woman’ before departing over good ol’ “creative differences” and was replaced by Patty Jenkins.

That’s where it gets kind of amusing.  Jenkins was slated to direct ‘Thor: The Dark World’ for Disney/Marvel, but was replaced by Alan Taylor, once again because of “creative differences.”  Now, MacLaren is possibly taking on the new ‘Star Wars’ spinoff after the controversial departure of Josh Trank, who directed another super hero flick, the new adaptation of ‘The Fantastic Four,’ while constantly plagued by negative rumors about his on and off-set behavior and major issues with the film itself.

MacLaren seems primed to make the jump to big screen projects and she seems to have her pick of endeavors.  She left ‘Wonder Woman’ because she wanted a more modern take on the Amazon, set during World War I, which would have been character driven and would have reversed gender stereotypes, placing Steve Trevor in the “damsel in distress” role.  Warner Brothers apparently wanted a more sweeping, action-packed historical film set during the Crimean War.

The second ‘Star Wars’ anthology movie is reportedly going to focus on Boba Fett, the armored Mandalorian bounty hunter who, despite very little time onscreen in the original trilogy, broke out as one of the franchise’s most popular characters.  Earlier buzz was that the new movie would be an origin story, carrying on after the character lost his father, Jango Fett in the prequel movies and building a bridge to ‘The Empire Strikes Back,’ the film in which the character first appeared (not counting in animated form in the earlier ‘Star Wars Holiday Special’).

Now more recent talk says that the film will also include Han Solo and construct a prior conflict between the famous smuggler and the bounty hunter, set prior to ‘A New Hope.’

As of right now, the meeting between MacLaren and Lucasfilm is simply talk and there has been no indication of an agreement being reached.  Likewise, the focus of the script is also just rumored at this point.

Is MacLaren a suitable choice to take on a ‘Star Wars’ spinoff?  Would you like to see a movie about Boba Fett’s early days?  Comment below!

Source: Blastr