I don’t even play video games, but the trailer for Ubisoft’s new ‘Toy Soldiers: War Chest’ gave me goosebumps!  The basic game itself looks amazing.  Imagine your various toy collections as a kid, suddenly at war with one another!  This awesome mashup features a realistic WWI-era German army led by Kaiser Wilhelm, which seems to be taking the battle field/kid’s bedroom floor by storm… until the arrival of Starbright, a cutesie girl toy, which looks like a cross between She-Ra and Rainbow Brite, leading a fleet of flying candy-colored unicorns and lots of hearts and cupcakes.  Who can oppose her?  Enter Phantom, a Halo-like exoskeleton-wearing scifi hero, with soaring space ships and laser cannons on her side.  And finally, a shadow falls over the conflict with the arrival of the fantasy-based Darklord and his fire-breathing dragons, catapults and other medieval armaments.

It looks like pretty much every type of toy army is covered here, right?  Well, not quite!  Check out the incredible trailer below… and make sure to watch it all the way through!

Yep!  Real Gen X toy staples  ‘He-Man and the Masters of the Universe’ and ‘G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero’ are entering the fray!  ‘He-Man’ gets the most footage, showing the ‘Most Powerful Man in the Universe’ slinging his Power Sword, striding around the battlefield on the back of his green tiger Battlecat and unleashing a pack of Orkos.  (Although what they manage to add is questionable.)

And just when you pick your jaw off the floor from all that, the commercial ends with another startling battle cry… “Yo Joe!”

Yes, Duke and his team of military specialists are taking a break from battling COBRA to jump into this elementary school skirmish!  (Gotta love the metal rivets in his joints!  How’s that for authenticity?!)

But that’s not all!  Mattel’s ‘Masters’ and Hasbro’s ‘GI Joe’ are just two of four licensed properties that will appear in the final game.  That means there are still two more real world toy collections still to be revealed!  My money is on Hasbro’s other big 80s franchise ‘Transformers’ taking one of those slots.  The fourth is a wildcard.  ‘Thundercats’ pops to mind, but with the inclusion of Starbright, that leaves the door open for additional female-oriented lines.  Could the Care Bears unleash their powerful Stare?  Will Strawberry Shortcake and friends take down their enemies with their pungent fruit aromas?  Or how about a true colossus of playthings… Barbie?

‘Toy Soldiers: War Chest’ is a “tower defense” game, with each army guarding their respective toy boxes from the others.  It arrives this summer for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC in two formats.  The basic edition only features the four original armies.  The licensed armies are sold separately for $5 each or $15 for all four.  The Hall of Fame edition includes all of the original and licensed games and retails for $30.  (Sounds like a steal to me!)  The game is slated to arrive this summer.

Are you ready to go to war?  Which side are you on?

Source: Kotaku and IGN