Ted Melfi and Jonathan Levine are currently the two most likely prospects to take on the daunting task of directing Spidey’s first solo foray into the MCU (due to hit theaters in 2017), though they are joined by a host of other prospects who may yet end up with the job, including Drew Goddard (who at one point was going to direct the bonkers ‘Sinister Six’ movie), Jason Moore, Jared Hess, John Francis Daley, Jonathan M Goldstein, and most recently, Jon Watts.

You may have noticed that a lot of these directors are known more for their comedic talents in producing films, instead of having a lot of experience with action or special effects. And while that might be worrisome in other scenarios, I applaud Marvel for having a plan for what they want to do with ‘Spider-Man,’ and not solely looking for a director who is going to turn in another by the numbers action movie. They want to highlight the humor and wit of Peter Parker while he is in costume, something which they say has not really been done on film before. Sure, McGuire and Garfield had a few one-liners and quips while playing the part, but the stories were much more melodramatic, and especially toward the climax, Spidey always got incredibly serious. It seems, keeping somewhat in line with movies like ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Thor,’ which had a lot of tongue and cheek humor in them as well as straight up jokes, they want ‘Spider-Man’ to be more comedic fair, which makes sense if he’s a teenage kid trying to be a superhero in a world with the ‘Avengers’ in it. He can’t be like the other super-heroes in the MCU, because he is much younger, inexperienced, and is one of the few who will actually have a secret identity.

What are your thoughts on the new direction of ‘Spider-Man?’ Is it worth the risk? Or should Marvel be sticking to similar versions of the character that Sony put out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Deadline