Last week, it was announced that the ‘Twilight Zone’ movie that had been in the works since 2009 has finally started to gather some steam. With Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson Killoran’s Appian Way and Michael Ireland producing and ‘Oblivion’ and ‘Tron: Legacy’ director Joseph Kosinski helming the project, the film based on the classic television program is closer than ever to reaching cinemas everywhere. Now, it looks like another important step has been taken as a writer has just been added to the mix.

Warner Bros. has brought on Aron Eli Coleite to write the screenplay for ‘The Twilight Zone’. The writer’s work can be seen predominantly on TV with shows like ‘Crossing Jordan’, ‘Heroes’, and ‘The River’, but he also has an apocalyptic feature called ‘The End’ with Drew Barrymore supposedly attached to direct.

Previously, a number of writers such as Anthony Peckham, Rand Ravich, and Joby Harold have all taken a stab at working on ‘The Twilight Zone’, but none of the stories seemed to stick. While details on the new script for the adaptation of the vintage Rod Sterling show from CBS are scarce, it is said that the film will have one storyline with “various elements from the ‘Twilight Zone’ universe” in it, as opposed to the 1983 feature that had four separate stories.

As we await the first real details of ‘The Twilight Zone’, what do you think about the team that they’ve assembled to bring the landmark show to life once again for a new generation? Are you excited to see what these filmmakers could do with this revered sci-fi property in this day and age? Let us know all your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: Variety