The iteration of Vincenzo Natali’s (‘Cube’,’Splice’) ‘Swamp Thing‘ may have been cancelled but he has revealed the first four pages of the script to check out!

If you were a fan of Alan Moore’s take on the character it very much looks like the first issue of his work was getting a big screen adaptation. Sadly, with DC Entertainment’s world building of a Cinematic Universe, it looks like they just didn’t have the interest or want to tie Swamp Thing into it or allow him to exist as a stand alone property. If you were a fan of the character this might be something you want to skip as you’ll be getting excited for a project that has been dead in the water for years.

The film was originally being put together in 2009 with Natali set to direct the film based off of a script by Akiva Goldsman. Just like his appearance in the second season of the now-defunct ‘Constantine‘ television series, this film will never see the light of day. Natali shared this on his Twitter account where he has been revealing a lot of behind-the-scenes details on projects he has worked on over the years. Both those that made it and those that were cancelled like ‘Swamp Thing’.

I guess he needs something to do while working on his treatment of Stephen King and Joe Hill’s ‘In The Tall Grass.’

For those unfamiliar with the character, Swamp Thing is a “humanoid/plant elemental creature” who has had his own series for years and appeared in many others. His purpose is to protect the environment and humanity from threats that would destroy them all. Aside from the ongoing comic runs, he has also had two feature films, a live action series, and a short animated series.

You might also notice that the cover to ‘The Saga of the Swamp Thing’ #20 pictured above seems extra familiar after reading the following pages:

Would you have wanted to check out Natali’s take on ‘Swamp Thing’? Do you think that the studio should have found a way to keep the project alive? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Super Hero Hype