Despite whatever negative press the film might be receiving over its attempts to rewrite the history of the original ‘Terminator’ series, it’s becoming clear (to me at least) that ‘Terminator Genisys‘ might just be worth going to theaters to just to see how they manage to intertwine the new story with that of the original, not to mention the return of Arnold in the titular role.

On that note, the filmmakers have recently released two new clips from the movie, both of which deal with Kyle Reese’s reaction to the altered timeline, the first clip revisiting the scene from the original where Reese, having arrived naked in the past, heads to a sporting goods store to steal clothing, pursued by a police officer. Only this time, the officer is no mere human, and Kyle will find that Sara Conner is not exactly who he thought she would be. Sure, a lot of the scene has already been part of trailers and TV spots already released, but it’s nice seeing the whole thing play out in its entirety.

In the second clip, we get a lot of new footage, as we see the aftermath of Sara Conner saving Kyle from the T-1000, driving away in the armored truck while she explains how the present has changed, that this is not the 1984 John Conner thought he was sending Kyle back to. When he tries to warn her about the Terminator that was sent back to kill her, she shows him the back of the truck, where the original (young Arnold) T-800 is destroyed, being watched over by the older T-800 Arnold. Reese freaks out, not comprehending how any Terminator could possibly be on their side, and begins to shoot at the robot, causing the truck to crash. They exit the vehicle, and the T-800 knocks out Reese, much to Sara’s chagrin. Check out the full clip below:

What are your thoughts after seeing these clips? Like me, do you think the movie might be worth watching, even just to see where they went with the story? Or do you think the whole thing will be a train wreck? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

 Terminator Genisys opens in theaters on July 1.