In 2009, Warner Brothers released an animated ‘Wonder Woman’ movie but sales were sluggish to begin with.  That coupled with another sluggish release of an animated ‘Green Lantern’ movie led to the studio vowing to not release any more movies that didn’t star Superman or Batman, but it appears times have changed.  Perhaps with Gal Gadot’s scene-stealing appearance in ‘Batman V Superman’ or with Wonder Woman‘s 75th anniversary coming up, the studio is once more looking to showcase the Amazing Amazon in an animated film.

Warner Bros. Animation supervising producer James Tucker recently said:

“We discussed with Warner video, and they have ‘Wonder Woman’ on their radar in some form or fashion.”

It isn’t as though Wonder Woman has been completely absent from animation.  She is the main character in the ‘DC Super Hero Girls‘ shorts (voiced by Grey Griffin) and has been heavily featured in WB’s ‘Justice League’ and ‘DC Super Heroes LEGO’ movies, voiced by Rosario Dawson (who also voices Batgirl in several projects).  She also appeared on ‘Young Justice’ and ‘Batman: The Brave and the Bold’, and of course on the classic ‘Justice League’ and ‘Super Friends’ shows.  She is also slated to be a major player on ‘Justice League Action’ which begins this fall.

Here is the trailer for ‘Justice League Action’:

But Wonder Woman hasn’t had her solo animated spotlight since the 2009 movie in which Keri Russell provided her voice with Nathan Fillion as Steve Trevor.  (Fillion would go on to voice Green Lantern in numerous animated projects.)

You can see the trailer for the original movie below:

Then again, perhaps the most faithful animated adaptation was the brief cameo she made on ‘Batman: The Brave and the Bold’ accompanied by her own theme song from the 70s TV show:

Honestly, after the debacle over ‘Batman: The Killing Joke‘, Warner Brothers could really use an opportunity to do right by one of its female heroes.  Will ‘Wonder Woman’ provide that chance?

Would you like to see another ‘Wonder Woman’ animated movie?

Source: Comic Book Resources