It’s been a few months since the Season Three finale of ‘Once Upon A Time’ when Queen Elsa of Arendelle was teased. Since then, we’ve learned that she won’t be the only character from the smash hit ‘Frozen’ to appear on the ABC show as Kristoff and Princess Anna are set to appear as well. Now, it looks as if one more character will be visiting Storybrooke when the fairytale series returns. And no, it’s not Olaf the snowman.

According to sources,  casting is currently underway for the part of Prince Hans of the Southern Isles. Fans will remember that the charming royal showed Anna that love is an open door before rudely shutting that door in her face. No word yet on what role he’ll play in Season Four, but we’ve learned that he’ll show up in the third episode. Whoever ends up with the part will join Elizabeth Lail, Scott Michael Foster, and Georgina Haig as Anna, Kristoff, and Elsa.

Speaking of Elsa, we also have the first look at Disney’s newest addition to their Princess line from the show. Time exclusively revealed the picture of the ice queen in her signature blue dress and long braid. It also features former ‘Greek’ star Foster as Anna’s ice-toting hunk, but we don’t get the best look at him. You can catch the first glimpse of the upcoming season of ‘Once Upon A Time’ featuring the characters of ‘Frozen’ below:

For starters, the costumes are spot on. Mad props to the wardrobe department on an excellent job recreating the attire seen in Walt Disney Animation Studios’ most recent hit. Haig definitely looks as if she embodies Elsa, right to the icy stare. Kristoff, on the other hand, could have come out better. While his clothes are perfect and the choice of actor was pretty good, I must take issue with that hair. Back when Foster was playing the co-ed chasing Kappa Tau on ABC Family, he sported longer locks that would have been perfect for Kristoff. However, it looks as if they’ve gone another direction and given Sven’s best buddy a haircut. Of course, this is mostly just me being nit picky. I still fully plan on giving the showrunners the benefit of the doubt and reserving my judgment for when the show returns.

Finally, fans lucky enough to attend the ‘Once Upon A Time’ panel at San Diego Comic-Con were treated to the very first footage featuring the beloved ‘Frozen’ characters. This clip saw Anna and Elsa placing flowers on their parents’ graves as Elsa says, “Anna, they would be so proud of you.” Then, the Queen shares that she has a special surprise for her sister’s wedding. That’s right, ‘Frozen’ fans! Since the events of next season are meant to be taking place after the movie, we may be hearing wedding bells for Anna and Kristoff! 

What do you think about Hans joining the rest of his ‘Frozen’ cast members on ‘Once Upon A Time’? Are you as critical of the first look from next season as I am? And how about that wedding news?! Let us know what you think in the comments.

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