Hold on to your hats ‘Suicide Squad‘ fans as spoilers and videos from set are arriving fast. If you want to go into David Ayer’s wacky super-villain flick next summer spoiler free, look away, otherwise sit back and enjoy all the videos and pics posted from Toronto this week.

It seems Batman may have more than just a brief cameo in ‘Suicide Squad,’ as the caped crusader can be seen in numerous fan videos clinging to the roof of the Joker-mobile (which has Harley Quinn and the Joker within) trying to break his way in while they drive through the city, most likely on some sort of mad crime spree. In one pic we can even see Margot Robbie sitting inside the car, unlike the rest where it’s clearly stunt-people doing all the driving and clinging to ceilings.

Also of note are the images of the new Batmobile seen driving around the city, which I gotta admit, looks pretty cool. It’s got a similar feeling to the “tumbler” vehicles from ‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy, but is more in line with the classic Batmobile look we’ve seen in other films, merging the two styles pretty seamlessly.

Check out all the videos and images below!

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!! OMG Batman what chu doing?? #SuicideSquad #mrj #capedcrusader #harleyquin

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Harley’s lookin’ pretty fine… that ain’t no stunt double in there #SuicideSquad

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The Batmobile!!!! Worth staying up for :) #batman #suicidesquad #toronto #filming

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Must be tough to parallel park this bad boy #Batmobile #Batman #Toronto #SuicideSquad #DC

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