Forget candy hearts!  ‘The Walking Dead’ fans are looking forward to February 14 to see some real bloody hearts, intestines, spleens and whatever gore the producers want to throw our way!

When we left the crew, Rick and the survivors in Alexandria were making a desperate zombie guts-covered escape as the once peaceful settlement had been overrun with walkers.  But the plan may be foiled by one cookie-grubbing shell shocked kid, Sam (played by Major Dodson), a.k.a. the Cousin Oliver of the show.

What will happen next?

AMC has released a new preview video for the back half of Season Six, teasing the remaining eight episodes, which will introduce Negan and the Saviors.  Members of the Saviors popped up in the last few episodes of the first half, but very little was revealed about them.

But this production is notoriously secretive about EVERYTHING!  While in the video, the cast and crew offer vague hints as to what’s in store, the footage shown is all from part one of the season.  Unfortunately, we only get the tiniest insight into what’s in store.

For starters, co-executive producer Denise Huth describes the tone of upcoming episodes, saying:

“We do get a couple in the back half that are smaller and more intimate as far as the number of characters involved, but across the board, the stakes are very, very high in every single episode.”

This is an interesting statement as a LOT of episodes in the first half of the season also focused on individual characters or smaller groupings.  Remember the all-Morgan episode?  Or the one where Daryl’s niceness worked against him?  And that was just two.  There were more along those lines.

Others promised, at the very least, viewers are in store for things they’ve never seen before.

Executive producer Greg Nicotero states:

“It’s a tremendously exciting juncture that we’ve come into play on ‘The Walking Dead’ which is this crossroads, and that our story’s about to take a dramatic turn.”

Fellow executive producer Gale Anne Hurd added:

“We’ll see characters face their own inner demons in a way he haven’t seen them before.”

Rick Grimes himself, Andrew Lincoln also commented, in reference to their new foes:

“We do face the most formidable and terrifying threat.”

Fans who are only viewers of the show and not readers of the books, may find that hard to believe after The Governor in Seasons Three and Four, but just wait!  Things are about to get brutal!

The most telling reveal comes from Norma Reedus, who plays Daryl who bluntly states:

“We don’t all survive and we don’t all take it very well.”

There are other nice hints in the clip from the rest of the cast.  You can watch for yourself below:

Are you excited about the return of ‘The Walking Dead’?

Source: Cinema Blend