The ‘Arrow’ producers keep the twists coming.  In Season Two, they introduced The Canary, a nascent version of the DC super character Black Canary.  But whereas in the comics, Black Canary is Dinah Lance (named Laurel on the show, played by Katie Cassidy), on ‘Arrow,’ the first Canary was Laurel’s sister Sara, who had previously been thought dead.  Caity Lotz portrayed Sara/Canary, but her character met her fate in the premier episode of Season Three.

Apparently, producers weren’t done with Lotz yet and thanks to those miraculous Lazarus Pits, Sara is returning from the grave to participate as a member of the ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ in the upcoming series that focuses on a mix of DC characters who must travel through time to battle the conqueror Vandal Savage.

Lotz recently spoke enthusiastically about the new series that will air during the winter, while ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’ are on hiatus:

“It’s going to be big.  I did not really know much about the show [initially] but I said ‘I want to do it, I trust you guys.’  And when we were shooting our teaser, they were telling me some of the stuff that’s going to be happening and I was like ‘This is way cooler – not that I didn’t think it would be cool…but the stuff [happening],  I wasn’t imagining or picturing [that].  It’s going to be really fun to shoot and I think people are going to like it.”

But many fans were slightly perplexed that Sara was now dubbed the White Canary.  Some (okay, I) joked that maybe the Canaries would get the Green Lantern treatment with various multicolored warriors carrying the name.  But in actuality, there is a White Canary in the comic books, although the ‘Legends’ version appears to either be a vast divergence from that character or a complete departure, simply utilizing the existing name.

In the comics, White Canary is a Chinese assassin who crossed paths with Black Canary and her partner The Huntress.  Unfortunately, the character only appeared in one story arc and very little is known about her, even her real name.

However around this time, DC started producing their Ame Comi vinyl statues, which reinterpreted the publisher’s famous female heroes and villains in a style mimicking Japanese anime.  Being a popular character, Black Canary was included in the series and was later issued as a repaint, as White Canary.

This version of White Canary was also included in a comic, the digital-first ‘Ame Comi’ series.

Will this version of White Canary have any influence on Sara Lance on ‘Legends of Tomorrow’?  Or are we dealing with a brand new character?

Source: Comic Book Movie