The internet rumors began anew recently, as audition videos popped up with actresses trying out for what looks very likely to be the role of Elektra in ‘Daredevil‘ Season 2. Of course, Elektra is never mentioned by name in the videos, which were quickly taken down (most likely by Marvel), but it’s enough to confirm the fan speculation that has been rampant since the end of ‘Daredevil’ Season 1: Elektra is coming. During the course of the first season, there weren’t many hints of Matt Murdock’s love being around, other than a comment made by Foggy Nelson about Matt having a “Greek college flame,” which of course could refer to a person who’s actually Greek, or a sorority girl Matt found. Either way, it could very well point directly at Elektra.

In the audition videos, one of the scenes has the female character talking a criminal out of his immoral ways, while she also mentions that she has a partner who does not know what she is doing. If true, the partner in question could be Murdock, which would definitely fit the comics where Elektra constantly tries to balance her time with Daredevil and her own vigilante career.

In another scene, the female character is meeting a male character for the first time, which based on context seems to be Elektra’s first meet up with Matt. She seizes him up accurately based on his wing-tip shoes, and ends up calling him “pretty, but dumb.” They then leave the college party they’re at together, clearly neither one the party type.

Most interesting is that the two actresses in the videos, Australian Louisa Mignone and South East Asia native Shiva Kalaiselvan do not fit the classic comic-book look of Elektra, which hints that Marvel is not just looking for another white American actress for the part, though we can’t say for certain until the role is actually cast. Either way I’m looking forward to seeing what Marvel and Netflix have in store for us next year when ‘Daredevil’ Season 2 is released, and until then, keep the news coming!

Source: Cinemablend