Creators Offer Hints About The Timeless Finale Plus New Photos

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information and photos that could be considered SPOILERS for the series finale of ‘Timeless’ so proceed with caution.

Cheers!  The cast of ‘Timeless’ is back for one last adventure.  NBC cancelled the show this summer but is offering a two-hour special in December to wrap up the loose ends.  The biggest is, of course, the apparent death of Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) in the Season 2 finale, but as you can see from the above photo, the others manage to rescue him somehow.

What else can viewers expect?  Well, the gang heads back to the Gold Rush for one last adventure.  Co-creator Eric Kripke also teased an important scene between Lucy (Abigail Spencer) and Flynn (Goran Višnjić), saying “There was an important Lucy-Flynn scene I wanted.  It was one of the things I felt strongly about when we were getting into [writing the story].”

Another character that factors in heavily is Emma (Annie Wersching) who takes over Rittenhouse following the death of Carol (Susanna Thompson). According to co-creator Shawn Ryan, “She’s a character who’s been yearning to escape [tradition]… Jessica (Tonya Glanz) is the faithful knight to Emma’s queen.”  However, as Matt Lanter teased, “Jessica has always been [Wyatt’s] Achilles heel.”

After all the time-jumping, the special manages to squeeze in some Christmas cheer.  According to Barrett:

“[The series finale is] a really good episode of Christmas television… the sense of love and family and longing is all here, and there is some sort of closure, but as always, there is the idea that the story goes on.”

The idea of the story going on is something that has been teased by Spencer and Lanter previously, as they revealed that their characters don’t appear in the final scene, hinting that viewers will get to see other travelers at work.

Finally, check out these new images which come via Entertainment Weekly:

The ‘Timeless’ series finale movie will air on NBC on December 20.