We already know that ‘Gotham‘ will introduce us to the origin of The Joker in its second season and now word has it that two more villains will be making an appearance as well! Which two are they? Well, we’ve already been introduced to Robin Lord Taylor’s Penguin, The Riddler, a future Two Face, a future Poison Ivy, a future Catwoman, a future Scarecrow and some notable crime bosses. So who else is coming up? Sadly that is a question I cannot directly answer, though I do have some hints at who they might be.

The first of the two new arrivals is described as “a male DC villain” which they are introducing as “intelligent, cultured and highly articulate” and also “extremely attractive, seductive and threatening.” Seductive doesn’t describe many of Batman’s male enemies unless it was Harvey Dent prior to his disfiguration who we’ve already met and Bane doesn’t share many of those traits. Potentially Mr. Freeze could fall into that category prior to becoming a villain, though I would almost suspect that this could be letting us know that Ra’s al Ghul making his debut appearance in the series. He is a man who could fit all of those categories and depending which take on the character they go with it could be a good time to introduce him either with Gotham spiraling into madness or with Ra’s believing that Bruce would be the perfect candidate for his kind of mentoring.

The second of the new arrivals is a young woman “in her mid-to late 20s” who is a “sexy knock-out.” With who we’ve already been introduced to so far and age wise for Bruce it would be doubtful that this is Talia al Ghul. Of course if Ra’s al Ghul is involved above there is a chance that a member of the League of Assassins is who will be introduced with this one. However on a different train of thought it could be a great lead in to Harley Quinn working at Arkham Asylum and treating a young Joker.

With the two main femme fatales already having been introduced and neither one quite old enough to fit here it almost seems like we have to get a villain who is a partner to one of the other villains that we’ve seen. Another example that could fall in here would be one of the Dollmaker’s henchmen if he managed to live through the attack by his captives last season.

Which characters do you think that the above descriptions means we’ll be seeing introduced in the second season of ‘Gotham’? Are you looking forward to another look into the city that gives birth to DC’s Dark Knight? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Comic Book Movie