Fox has just released the first trailer for their upcoming supernatural crime procedural ‘The Frankenstein Code.’ The story is being brought to us by writer and Executive Producer Rand Ravich (‘Life’,’Crisis’) and Howard Gordon (‘Homeland’,’24’). Their plan is to give us a modern take on Mary Shelley’s classic.

Originally titled ‘Frankenstein,’ the series is the latest of new releases that the network is bringing to the small screen. The monster and his creator are a hot commodity right now having been featured on Showtime’s ‘Penny Dreadful‘, Fox’s upcoming movie ‘Victor Frankenstein‘ ITV’s ‘The Frankenstein Chronicles,’ and Mike Mignola’s ‘Frankenstein Underground‘ just to name a few of the other projects featuring this classic tale. Apparently Frankenstein is the new vampire zombie of the horror world to be overdone in every possible sub-genre.

It’ll be interesting to see which takes actually get the scientist and his creature right.

The series will follow Rob Kazinsky (‘Pacific Rim’,’True Blood’) as Jimmy Pritchard who is a morally corrupt cop that had been forced to retire. When he stumbles upon a crime in progress his life comes to an end, though that end doesn’t last for long. In the series we see the Goodwin twins, billionaire inventors who are rich from starting the social network Lookinglass, bring him back from the dead. Now with a new lease on life in a younger body and more strength than ever before, we see Pritchard with a new lease on life. Does he go after those who had him killed? Fix his family problems? Or fall back into the habits that landed him at death’s door the first time around?

You can check out the first trailer for FOX’s ‘The Frankenstein Code’ below!

Not only do we have the first trailer to share with you, but we also have an inside look with this featurette to give you more of an idea of what to expect from the series:

‘The Frankenstein Code’ seems to be a series that may have potential, though many of the tropes feel as if they have been covered in other shows already.

What do you think of the first look and trailer for ‘The Frankenstein Code’? Is this a series that you think you could get behind? Share your thoughts below!

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