Welcome to our first 5 For Friday column! Each week we’ll be posting a list of 5 things based upon anything associated with the genre! Whether it’s 5 fan videos worth watching, 5 nerdy gadgets that are a must have, 5 nerdy outfits to own, 5 Kickstarter campaigns to contribute to or even 5 stories we weren’t able to cover for the week, this is the place where anything goes!

With upfronts starting soon, we thought we’d list 5 TV shows that premiered this season that have been given a green light to return next Fall:

1. ‘Gotham’

Who knew Detective Jim Gordon would have an interesting enough backstory for people to tune in? Granted, half the fun is actually seeing the origins of The Dark Knight’s foes, but none the less, this gritty pre-Batman series is entertaining and will thankfully be returning for another season.

2.‘The Flash’

A freshman series that was basically a no brainer to be renewed once everyone saw the first episode. Need I say more?

3. ‘Daredevil

Take away the constraints of network television censors and add in the ability to create a 10 hour mini movie and you have the makings of a fantastic series deserving of a second season. Hopefully next season we’ll get to see the superhero’s trademark “DD” on his red suit.

4. ‘Scorpion’

This freshman series about 4 geniuses working with a Homeland Security agent and a civilian co-handler who helps them navigate the ways of the “normal” world is a trope that has been used excessively with us nerds, but it seems to work with ‘Scorpion.’

5. ‘Agent Carter

ABC is giving ‘Agent Carter’ another assignment! Whether this second season will continue with only 8 episodes or be upped to 13 is still unknown, but it is likely that the network will air the series during the ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ winter hiatus. Showrunner Tara Butters did suggest, however, that if the series did get picked up for another season, we may see Peggy relocate to Hollywood or Europe.

So what freshman television shows are you happy that will be returning next year? Let us know in the comments below!