A week before The CW is releasing what is getting picked up for their next season we’ve learned that at the very least ‘iZombie‘ will be returning. That being said, as this is early news there is still no word where in the 2015-2016 lineup we’ll see Liv and company actually return. With the show’s steady popularity it could get a full 23 episode order but my money is on another 13-episode run that will start with the rest of the Spring series which will be announced. Chances are next Thursday when the network reveals their entire lineup we’ll find out all of the details.

The series premiered with 2.29 million viewers and averaged out to 1.5 million with the 1.62 million on the most recent episode. Enough to justify a second season but I’m not sure if they are high enough to call for a longer run of the series or if the writers would even want it to run longer as the pacing seems right where it should be for the first season.

In ‘iZombie’ we’re given a comic adaptation by Rob Thomas (‘Veronica Mars’) which stars Rose Mclver as the lead character Liv Moore. She’s on her way as a promising medical student when things go a little haywire as she ends up dead and returned to life as a zombie. Yes, Liv is one of the undead. Only she isn’t the rotting brain dead kind as found on ‘The Walking Dead’ but one who can retain her own thoughts as long as she feeds on the brains of others. Thankfully her new job in the Seattle morgue gives her access to all of the brains she needs. Which is great aside from the fact that she also gets the memories and personality traits of those she munches on which throws her head first into a slew of police cases.

Are you excited to hear that we’ll be getting another round of ‘iZombie’ or are you sick of how many undead are currently popping up in the media? Share your thoughts below!

‘iZombie’ kicks ass and takes brains on Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW!

Source: Cinema Blend