Warner Bros. has already made some changes to a few things here and there because of the tragic shootings at a midnight screening of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ in Aurora, Colorado. First, they pulled the trailer for ‘Gangster Squad’ from theaters because it featured a scene where gangsters shoot up a movie theater, then moved the release to January 11, 2013. Then, DC Entertainment, a subsidiary of WB, delayed the release of ‘Batman Incorporated’ #3 and removed some advertising for the final chapter of Christopher Nolan’s epic Batman franchise. Now, we’ve received word that WB Animation plans to make some changes to their upcoming ‘Beware The Batman’ cartoon as well.

According to Variety (via Comic Book Resources), at cost to the production, animators are going back in to change the animated depictions of guns in the show to make them more square and sci-fi looking so as to distance them from real world firearms. This decision comes from series executive producer and “longtime DC animation guru” Sam Register, and it isn’t a new company wide policy, so it’s uncertain if other shows such as ‘Young Justice’ or ‘Green Lantern’ will follow suit.

‘Beware The Batman’ is scheduled to premiere on the Cartoon Network’s DC Nation block of programming next year.