You might have heard about the most recent tragedy to hit the video game world: last week Konami announced the cancellation of their highly anticipated horror game titled ‘Silent Hills’ and took its much beloved demo ‘P.T.’ off the Playstation store. Initially when this was announced, ‘P.T.’ appeared to still be available for re-download to players who had downloaded the title in the past. But according to IGN, that might not be the case anymore.

IGN heard from fans who recently couldn’t re-download ‘P.T.’ onto their Playstations from the marketplace. The website checked for itself on one of their own consoles: they could see the game on the marketplace, but when they attempted to re-download the title they received a message saying: “An error has occured (CD-32937-4)”. However, they also stated: “Some users located in Europe and Australia are currently reporting that they can still re-download P.T.”

It isn’t clear why this is happening: Konami initially announced alongside the cancellation that the demo would be taken off the store, but they have not stated anything about players not being able to re-download the demo they had owned in the past. At this time we don’t know if this is due to a glitch, or if Konami is taking an additional step in erasing any trace of the game’s existence. And even if it is a glitch, it might not be one that the company will be eager to fix, if Playstation can’t fix it themselves.

Either way, it might be a good idea to keep ‘P.T.’ downloaded in your library for awhile until more information is released.

In other news, fans outraged at ‘Silent Hills’s’ cancellation have taken to, starting a petition asking Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro to continue the game’s development independently. The petition now has over 112,000 signatures.