With Jared Leto‘s ‘The Joker’ taking center stage for early interest in ‘Suicide Squad‘ we’re finally starting to see what the rest of the cast is looking like and today is the first shot of Will Smith’s Deadshot straight from the film’s set. Fans of the comic, character, and DC would probably recognize Deadshot right off the bat with his colorful outfit, and typical targeting system. Will Smith’s Deadshot though might be exactly what you were hoping for if the classic take on the character is what you have in mind.

Now to be fair these shots could be a flashback to before he becomes Deadshot, a disguise to go out in public, or they are just completely changing the character for the film. We won’t know until it ends up being released.

First, here is what most of you think of when you think of Deadshot:

Now, prepare to be a little disappointed at the first look if that is what you want to see on screen. Again, these early images might not be how he ends up so there is still a chance we’ll see him in uniform when the film drops. You can check it out in the gallery at the link:

If the film is following the comics one could safely assume that the young girl next to him is Deadshot’s daughter. In recent years she had been kidnapped in order to help force Deadshot to stay a part of ‘Suicide Squad’ even after their initial threat of having a bomb inside him no longer works due to it being deactivated. A nice fail safe that the government kept dangling over his head. It is hard to tell if this little outing will be a flashback or just how Amanda Waller keeps him in check and active.

Do you think these images will be from a flashback or a little time off from his work with the ‘Suicide Squad’? Share your thoughts below!

‘Suicide Squad’ hits theaters on August 5, 2016.

Source: Just Jared