We already know that the next ‘Ghostbusters‘ will be giving us an entirely new take as the series is rebooted, but could we be straying away from the classic group dynamic? It sounds as if we’re about to hit another snag as the formula that worked so well in the previous ‘Ghostbusters’ film could be having another major change if according to a recent interview with director Paul Feig is fully accurate. We’re actually given some big details about the group’s makeup which might be spoiler territory if you’re waiting for the first trailer.

Now as always, what is said could still greatly differ from what we end up seeing on the big screen. However, while the movie will indeed have a full team, it it looks as if the focal point will actually end up being on Kristen Wiig‘s (‘Paul‘,’The Martian‘) character. In fact, it would seem that the film will be through her point of view.

Feig says that:

“It is an ensemble, but at the same time, you need the one person that brings you into the group.”

So does that leave Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon as supporting characters instead of c-leads. Well that isn’t necessarily the case. Even though Wiig is the focus, she won’t be the one calling the shots:

“Melissa [McCarthy] is sort of the leader of the group. But, everybody will be equal.”

So while McCarthy’s character will be running the show, it’ll be Wiig who ends up being our focus. I could easily see why they would have a single one of these Ghostbusters having a central role though I just hope there is enough balance so that our other proton pack carrying women aren’t being ignored here. That being said, I do think it would be hard to have McCarthy not steal most of the scenes that she’s in.

What do you think of a primary focus over a group dynamic? Do you think we had that already with Peter Venkman being the focus of the first films or do you think we’ll be getting less out of the rest of the team in this one? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend