It looks as if the ‘Flash Gordon‘ film is moving forward and Matthew Vaughn (‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’,’X-Men: First Class’) is in talks to direct the film! 

We already know that John Davis along with King Features were on board to produce this comic book adaptation and now a director known for his comic themed films seems ready to take the helm with a script by J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay. There is no solid word of the film will be a reboot though an early rumor did place it to somehow be a sequel to the original film.

That kind of seems like a bad idea as I’m not sure how much of today’s audience may have actually seen the original at this point.

The comic itself was based off of the 1934 classic by Alex Raymond which has had a massive influence on science fiction including being one of the inspirations to ‘Star Wars.’

The classic comic told the story of Flash Gordon who was the savior of the universe and was pit against the evil Ming the Merciless on the planet Mongo. Yes we’re talking about pure B movie cheesiness levels wrapped in the trappings of science fiction that actually could pull off some great story telling to boot. I’m just wondering if they’ll be using the original source material or the new ‘Flash Gordon’ comic series when it does finally get released.

It’s just the kind of thing Vaughn would be able to pull off if he does sign on the dotted line. While he hasn’t done science fiction that has been set in space quite yet, his successes with his previous work in comic book adaptations really have me feeling hopeful on this one. As much as we talk about comic book movies as of late aside from ‘Star Wars’ there isn’t much happening out in space.

Are you excited to hear that ‘Flash Gordon’ is finally moving forward or is this an example of a classic piece of work that doesn’t need a modern adaptation? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter