It has been quite a while since we’ve heard a serious update about ‘Tron 3.’ Shortly after ‘Tron: Legacy’ was released in 2010, there was already talks of a third trip to The Grid and Kevin Flynn’s ‘Space Paranoids.’ After that, cast members sporadically mentioned the sequel, but director Joseph Kosinski updated the world in 2013 on the state of the script, which was in the process of being rewritten at the time. But now it appears that the identity discs are in place and all systems are go because new reports have emerged saying that the next film based on the 1982 sci-fi film starring Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner will commence in the near future with its key players reprising their roles.

Following reports that ‘Tron 3’ is set to begin production this Fall in Vancouver last month, The Hollywood Reporter says that Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund will step back into their respective ‘Tron: Legacy’ roles for Kosinski’s upcoming Disney project. Hedlund played Sam Flynn, the son of Bridge’s character that found himself inside The Grid on a mission to save his father from the evil Clu. As for Wilde, she portrayed a character named Quorra, the apprentice to Kevin Flynn and the last remaining ISO (or a race of programs that spontaneously evolved on the Grid as opposed to being created by users). Together, Sam and Quorra joined Kevin in his fight against Clu, but then ended up in the real world by the end of the film.

Currently, there are no plot details for the film, but rumors say that it will be titled ‘Tron: Ascension’ and will feature other entities from the Grid escaping into the real world in pursuit of our heroes. Aside from seeing other programs make their way off the Grid, we may even get to see light cycles, Recognizers, or a Solar Sailer speeding down the street in front of Flynn’s Arcade or ENCOM Headquarters. And with any luck, Cillian Murphy will reprise his uncredited ‘Tron: Legacy’ role as well and we could see Edward Dillinger Jr., the son of ‘Tron’ villain Ed Dillinger (David Warner), get his revenge with the help of these escaped programs.

Of course, that’s all my own speculation and wishful thinking, but until we hear anything confirming or denying my ideas, what do you think will happen in ‘Tron 3’? Are you excited to hear that Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund are reprising their roles for the third chapter of the franchise? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below.