Storm-And-Apoc X-Men: Apocalypse

Whether you think the new ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ film is going to be spectacular or reveal that Bryan Singer has finally lost his touch with the beloved franchise he helped start back in 2000, you have to admit that it will be cool to see the original ‘X-Men’ team from the first film back in action, even if the characters are portrayed by different actors. Cyclops, Jean Grey and Storm carried the original films, though to be fair, Storm was always a little left out story wise, never having the kind of plots and intrigue that surrounded the other two characters.

Now though, Storm is at the center of the action, being one of the mutants chosen by Apocalypse to be one of his four horsemen, and according to a new featurette, it seems her powers are increased by her exposure to the ancient mutant, and she will be a very formidable foe for her former teammates. In the video below, her control over the weather is so complete that she can flip cars using the wind with barely a thought, and can throw lightning strong enough and accurately enough to be able to counter one of the optic blasts from Cyclops, negating his attacks. (I feel like ever since the ‘Harry Potter’ films we have been seeing A LOT of movies that do the old one powerful blast being blocked by the other, their wielders locked in a battle of wills bit).

Do you like that Storm will be part of the villains in this film, or are you disappointed that her character did not stand strong against Apocalypse? Do you really think she could block one of Cyclop’s blasts with lightning? Check out the featurette for yourself, and then let us know your thoughts on the new film down in the comments below.

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