spider-man into the spider-verse

Not surprisingly, Sony has unveiled yet ANOTHER new clip from ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse,’ which does beg the question, will fans eventually be able to string the entire movie together based on all the clips Sony has released leading up to the film’s release?

Regardless, the newest clip features a pivotal scene in the movie where Miles makes what appears to be the final step into becoming Spider-Man, taking a literal leap of faith off the top of a building and doing his first solo web-slinging through the streets of New York, all while hearing Peter’s voice echo in his head with words of wisdom, and flashing back to where he got his web shooters from. The clip is an excellent example of the kind of beautiful animation the film will feature, and reveals the kind of depth and emotion this animated film is capable of bringing out, something Christopher Miller and Phil Lord have long succeeded at doing in all of their movies, no matter how comedic or outlandish they may at first seem.

While speaking recently to Fandango, Miller shared what brought him and Lord on board for this film in the first place:

“Well, [Sony executives] Amy Pascal and Avi Arad came to us with the idea of doing Spider-Man as an animated movie. And of course, the first thing you think is, well, doing an animated movie with the source material of a comic book, you can really, really get into the artistry in a way that no live action version of a comic book movie ever did, and that was really exciting. But then we also were really excited to tell the story of Miles Morales. So, first we said, ‘Uh.’ And then we said, ‘We’ll do it, but only if it’s the Miles Morales story.’ And luckily, they were super on board.”

Lord went on to talk about Miles’ family and how that dynamic was something they really wanted to explore in the movie:

“Well, to me, it sort of all circles around to his family. He has a very different family than Peter Parker did. First of all, both of his parents are alive, so that’s a huge difference right there. And being able to portray a very grounded family with a mother and father who both want the best for their son, but go about it in different ways. Also an uncle that loves him, but is encouraging him to go down a different path. That whole dynamic is really the center of what the whole movie’s about, and it was really important to us to get right. And it really speaks to Miles trying to figure out who he is and who he’s gonna be, what kind of a person he’s going to become.”

Check out the clip for yourself below, and feel free to share your thoughts on ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse’ in the comments section!