We all know that Jared Leto is pretty excited to play The Joker in DC’s upcoming ‘Suicide Squad‘ and today he is teasing the beginning of his makeup transformation. It has been refreshing to see that the majority haven’t instantly condemned Leto for not being Heath Ledger after his stunning performance in ‘The Dark Knight.’ While he has some pretty big clown shoes to fill, a new take on Batman’s greatest enemy could help ease us out of the DC movies of yesterday and into the new unified cinematic experience that the studio is trying to create.

It is very much like Leto for teasing his looks as he had already shown the haircut, potentially his voice for the role and the start of his makeover so it should really be no surprise that he’d continue to tease his transformation into the clown prince of crime.

I’m quite sure the following image will only be the first of many. I hope so at least because he really isn’t giving us a whole lot here!

Transformation begins.

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Clearly this isn’t the final product as we’re to expect him to be a little paler, possibly heavily scarred, and be rocking the green hair. The question here is in this “before” picture if he’s about to go into full makeup for the first time or just trying on whatever outfit or costume that he’ll be wearing throughout the bulk of the film.

As the studio has already given us first looks at characters such as Aquaman and vehicles such as The Batmobile, it shouldn’t be too hard to imagine that we’d be getting a Joker reveal sooner than later. If anything I expect we’re about to be hit with a slew of promotional images for the film.

What do you think of Let’s latest tease? Do you think we’re in for a great take on The Joker in the ‘Suicide Squad’? Share your thoughts below!

‘Suicide Squad’ hits theaters on August 5, 2016.

Source: Collider