Ron Perlman

Fans of the original Guillermo del Toro ‘Hellboy‘ film will forever be frustrated that the famed director wasn’t able to complete his trilogy and Ron Perlman falls in the same category. The actor who brought the iconic hero to life in the first two films had been pushing for years to have a final movie made. We all know that series creator Mike Mignola and the studio behind the films have decided to do a reboot instead of continuing the originals, and while it looks good, it still would have been great to get a bookend to the trilogy.

When it comes to Perlman being frustrated about the inability to complete this trilogy he has recently opened up to share his feelings:

“I felt like we owed the fans closure, and there were too many people moving in too many other directions, and I just couldn’t pull it off. So if you ask me about it, it’s kind of still an open wound.”

Outside of the fans, Perlman really wanted to complete del Toro’s story as he felt the director had a fantastic idea for the last chapter that would bring things to a close. Even worse for the actor, he believes that he is responsible for the movie not being made as he could have pushed harder to make it happen.

At this point, the only hope that would even be feasible for a bookend to the series would be if the studio decided to greenlight an animated third film with Guillermo del Toro’s story and Ron Perlman doing the voicework. I suspect that this is only a pipedream that will never see the light of day.

Are you as frustrated as Ron Perlman? Is the new film something that you’re excited for? Would you be open for the last chapter of the original series to be told in animated form if it ever went that route? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Cinema Blend