We recently had confirmation that ‘Rings‘ was going to be a sequel and not a prequel and with that in mind it appears that the film will be bringing back one character. Obviously we’re not talking about Samara who would have to show up for this to happen but another character. In fact, it would be a character who was in both of the first films!

Director F. Javier Gutierrez plans on bringing back Aidan! Aidan was the son of Naomi Watts’ Rachel Keller who was in the movies. There is no word at this time if David Dorfman (‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’,’Zombie Roadkill’) will be returning to reprise his role of if they have an entirely new face lined up. As the film is set to take place thirteen years after the second one and Dorfman was still quite young in the role it wouldn’t be a stretch at all to recast him.

I mean people change quite a bit thirteen years after they were a kid.

Honestly I could see this as a likely transition from how the tape gets into new hands. Let’s assume for a moment that Aidan still has a copy of the tape in some form. Could it be stolen from him? Maybe he left it somewhere while moving? Regardless, it would be the perfect way for the tape to get transferred to a new person. The only other real option would be that researched leads the newly cursed to track him down.

I find the idea of him being the cause of this, willingly or accidentally, a lot more feasible.

If you are a fan of the series are you happy to hear that we won’t only be focusing on the two new young lovers who end up watching the tape (or the curse in some other form of media)? Or, does this seem like something that is entirely unnecessary as the film is planning to move forward in a new direction?

Source: Shock Till You Drop