The Marvel promotional train for ‘Doctor Strange‘ is starting to pick up steam, especially as we are less than three months away from the November 4th premiere of the film. The latest bit of promotional material comes to us from the Twitter account created for the film, and though it does not feature a lot of footage, or scenes that we have not seen before, it does have a very cool effect on it, promoting the mystical side of the film and reminding us how different this Marvel movie is going to be.

The promo is being called the Kaleidoscope Teaser, which is pretty self-explanatory once you have seen it, as it Kaleidoscopes into a scene where the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) walks into a room and through some kind of mystical portal while Steven Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) watches and comments on how it does not make sense, to which she replies that it does not have to make sense. It’s a short and very strange teaser, but as stated above, it definitely makes you feel like this is going to be a very trippy movie, and gives us some hope that the filmmakers might have found some really cool ways to show magic up on the big screen. Other oddities in the Twitter post are the words posted with it, as it states “Question reality. Change your Destiny. #DoctorStrange” only all of the words are UPSIDE DOWN, which contributes even more to the feeling of weirdness the marketing department is pushing for the film.

Do you think they might be alienating a part of the audience with the odd promotional choices? Or do you think the marketing is intriguing enough to drive people to theaters to see what is going on with this movie? Check out the Twitter post for yourself below, and then share your thoughts on the movie in the comments section below.

‘Doctor Strange’ materializes in theaters on November 4th in the US.