With just two weeks to go before the release of ‘Ant-Man,’ Marvel has released another UK trailer. Not a lot of new stuff, but it does seem like it tells the story a bit more coherently then most of the other trailers out there: Hank Pym (played by Michael Douglas) needs Scott Lang (played by Paul Rudd) for his experience as a thief to help him steal some dangerous technology from his former lab assistant, Darren Cross (played by Corey Stoll), who wants to weaponize the technology. Pym gives Lang his Ant-Man technology to help him in this endeavor.

I really liked the not-so-subtle dig at Iron Man. I can imagine Tony Stark taking offense at his suits being called a “cute” technology, however, as intelligent as Stark is, in the comics Pym is considered to be even smarter. (In fact, the only two people on Earth considered to be smarter than Pym are Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four and his rival, Dr. Doom.) So if Pym is making fun of the Iron Man suit, it’s likely that he’s not just putting Tony Stark down for reasons of ego, he’s probably accurate in his assessment. Thinking about it, when all is said and done the Iron Man suit is just a fancy weapon, while the Ant-Man technology is… well, it can shrink people. That’s pretty impressive.

Probably the best part of the trailer, however, is when Scott Lang says they should call in the Avengers. This is something that always bugged me about superhero comics when I was a little kid. Most of these heroes know each other and are usually in close proximity to each other. Is it really that hard to call for some help or to take a short break and help another hero out? It’ll be interesting to see what the reasoning is that keeps Hank Pym from doing just that.

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‘Ant-Man’ will be in theaters on July 17th.