The next ‘Friday the 13th‘ movie is chugging along and I’m actually happy to share with you not only who will be writing the film, but what one of the main premises of it will be. Wait, did I just say I was happy about news of this long standing franchise that hasn’t done well in recent installments? Yes, yes I am!

While I may have been in the minority who felt that the last movie was a decent slasher flick, the next one is already sounding like a potential hit. My favorite is that Nick Antosca (‘The Girlfriend Game’,’The Cottage’) has been tapped to pen the script. While most of Antosca’s work has been with lesser known horror, his one key piece on his resume is having worked heavily on one of my current favorite television series, ‘Hannibal,’ If he can deliver the same kind of suspense in ‘Friday the 13th’ as my fellow ‘Hannibal’ fans have come to know and love, this could be an entirely new and enjoyable direction for the franchise. I’m just hoping that director David Bruckner (‘The Signal’) can deliver with the same success of his short in ‘V/H/S,’

At least they are still using Jason Vorhees unlike the upcoming ‘Friday the 13th’ television series.

What kind of new take on the killer will we have in the next movie? Well aside from persistent rumors that the next sequel will be done as a found-footage style of film, it also seems that there is a goal for it that has caught my interest. They actually plan on trying to explain why Jason can’t be killed. At least, not killed permanently. This is a goal that could either really make the franchise even more interesting or cause fans the world over to hate what they do. While I think a fresh perspective is a great idea and this could be a fun way to expand on Jason’s mythos, I really do just hope that they put together a solid story here. Of course, with Antosca’s work on ‘Hannibal’ I’m not going to start out by doubting the overall idea.

I’ve never actually cared for why Jason keeps returning before but if it can be told in a compelling way that gives us reason to love slasher films, again I am all for it.

What are your thoughts on Antosca writing the film? Do you think we need to know why Jason keeps returning from the grave? Share your thoughts below!

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