Welcome to Rio de Janeiro, where two ladies contemplate vacation packages. There’s the “Dirty Harry Package,” which may or may not be what these bridesmaids need. It’s cheap, and it comes with bodyguards. I get the sense a No Refunds policy is at play here.

Back in the US, there’s 136 days left until Purge Night, and Ryan’s (Max Martini) new man fails at Tommy’s old job. He’s there to convince elite husband and wife team, the Parkers, that an itemized list of their valuables isn’t enough. Hoping to get one step closer to their air heist, Ryan’s not happy when this attempt to place a jammer ends up being another roadblock instead. Time for Plan B, he says—a B&E off-Purge. The Parkers love their golf game, so the heist gang prep for forced entry.

Marcus (Derek Luke) and Michelle (Rochelle Aytes) discuss date night. She wants things to return to normal, but he’s not feeling it, especially once “Albert” contacts him via the Dark Web with a deal: be on call for off the books medical care and a name shall be given. In a moment of ignorance, Marcus doesn’t question what that means, but clearly it’s on the illegal side. Later, he receives a patient on his front step, a gangster by appearance (but let’s not assume, people), and Albert shrugs when Marcus cries, “This is out of line!” Then Marcus shrugs and goes to work. This one really doesn’t like confrontation. Unfortunately, Michelle arrives home to find her kitchen is now an operating room. Methinks they’d better schedule a couple of date nights to fix this.

Esme (Paola Nunez) spends the episode reminiscing about her sister Sofia (Marianly Tejada). We learn addiction problems plague her and Papi Hector (Jay Santiago). Loss caused them both to seek numbing alternatives which unfortunately leads to abuse—Sofia’s covered in bruises and Esme’s not going to stand for it. On Purge Night, she left her father out in the cold. Despite his pleas to come inside, she stands firm while he’s beat to death by ready-to-go Purgers. Her current investigative obsession makes more sense now. Clearly the murder of Professor Adams is a way to rectify this past sin.

Ben (Joel Allen) continues to hang out with Purge incel (Purgcel?) Andy (Lawrence Kao), who loves the holiday so much that he can’t contain himself around Ben’s lady and her friend Bonnie (Ahmarie Holmes), who was interested. Was. When Andy’s away from the table, she expresses fear at outright rejecting him because she “doesn’t want to end up on his hit list.” It’s a chilling, gendered aspect of Purge activities that were touched on in the first season, and it’s one of the more interesting elements at work here. Later, Ben tells Andy about his “murder” of the old man, but Andy’s not down for “illegal” murder. Ben attacks him in the dorm and stabs his new friend to death.

The last twenty minutes of “House of Mirrors” makes for compelling TV, more so than the last few episodes. The action between our main players is edited to divulge as little info as possible, until a climax helps to overcome the boredom issues I brought up last time. When things go bad at the B&E attempt (sending a person of color as a stealth lookout to a Country Club was a mistake), Ryan has to ring his corrupt superior (Christine Dunford) to bail him out before the Parkers exercise their right to kill an intruder (their eargerness proves that white collar gun skills are guaranteed). After they’re whisked away in police cars, the heist crew agree to give their superior a cut, plus a place at the table for future plans. It’s her show now.

Meanwhile, Ben returns to the scene of the crime (he forgot his wallet), only to find the body is gone. He follows a blood trail, but unfortunately for him, Andy’s dragged his way to the elevator. A group of students greet his bloody body as the doors slide open. RIP Andy.

Oh, and our Night Nurse Marcus gets the name he’s sought after which forces Michelle to confess that she had an affair with this “Sam Tucker” last summer. And now Marcus is in the man’s crosshairs. Uh, maybe try four date nights?