The second episode of ‘Life is Strange’ is expected to release starting March 24 across multiple platforms.

The announcement was revealed by Dontnod Entertainment during a gameplay demonstration of the new episode at the recent EGX Rezzed convention in London.

Entitled “Out of Time,” the second episode is planned to focus more on the consequences of the choices made by players during the first episode, which had put more of its time on initially developing the world and introducing the important choices that players could make.

The second episode of ‘Life is Strange’ was initially rumored to be held up by a delay. However, Dontnod Entertainment reassured gamers that development was still on track and that it would release sometime before the end of March. With this recent announcement, it looks the studio had made good on their word.   

‘Life is Strange’ puts players in control of Max Caulfield, a senior photography student attending Blackwell Academy in Arcadia Bay, Oregon who one day discovers she has the ability to control time. Below is a spoiler-free summary of the upcoming episode issued by Square Enix. 

“You will start to see much of your choices affecting the story in a lot of different ways, be prepared for some surprises! You will also discover new locations as Max will go outside of Blackwell Academy and start exploring new areas in Arcadia Bay. You’ll be able to learn more about the town, its inhabitants, and the social issues it’s facing. On top of this, new and important characters will be introduced, as well as having a lot of difficult choices to make.”

Similar to titles like ‘Heavy Rain’ and ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Life is Strange’ features a heavy focus on dialogue choices and interactive puzzles. However, as described in its premise, the title lets players use Max to manipulate time. Using this ability, players are able to reverse their choices mid-gameplay if they are ever unsatisfied with the way things turned out.  

‘Life is Strange’ is an episodic graphic adventure game series created by Dontnod Entertainment, the same development studio behind 2013’s ‘Remember Me’. It is expected to consist of a total of five episodes, which are all scheduled to release over time throughout 2015.

The Second episode of ‘Life is Strange’ is scheduled to release starting on March 24 for PS3, SP4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows PC.

Source: ‘Life is Strange’ Twitter