Have you ever wanted to sit in the Captain’s chair of a spaceship bridge, point to a large screen and say, “Engage!”?  Or maybe be the one that fires the photon torpedoes?  Well you can! In what has to be considered one of the coolest game in nerdom, comes ‘Artemis,’ a multi-player, multi-computer networked game for Windows that simulates a spaceship bridge.

Yes, you and up to 5 other friends can team together and form your own Enterprise crew! The software runs the core simulation on one computer and on a “main screen” while your friends bring in their computer and moniter (or if you have any lying around for them to use) to serve as terminals for the other bridge officers. Joining you on the bridge will be your Helm, Communication, Engineering and Weapons Control officers. Of course the Captain, who doesn’t need a computer as he/she will be watching the main screen the entire time, will be in the middle of all the excitement too busy giving out orders.

The game itself is only $40 which seems like a great deal. (Of course that doesn’t include the cost of extra computers, monitors, a wall projector, several extension cords, a comfy yet imposing swiveling Captain’s chair and a set of Starfleet uniforms. After all if you’re going to do this, you gotta go all out, right?)

If you’re uncertain whether or not this game is for you, you can hand over your nerd card now or check out their two player demo which is free.

To see how much fun can be had, the people at rev3 Games were able to play ‘Artemis’ and you can watch the results below!

So, if you have a few hours to spare over this holiday weekend, why not assemble your own crew and “boldly go where no man has every gone before” or just shoot off a few Quantum torpedoes at a Borg sphere.