In anticipation of the return of their top-genre shows, the CW has release clips from ‘Arrow,’ ‘The Flash,’ and ‘Supernatural,’ each premiering this week with ‘Supernatural’ changing nights to Wednesday. Check out the full clips below.

In the first clip, ‘Arrow’ Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim discusses episode 316, ‘The Offer,’ which refers to the offer by Ras Al Ghul to Oliver to become the next leader of the League of Assassins. Guggenheim informs us that the episode is directed by the same man who directed 314 (aka the Slade Wilson episode), and offers more surprises than just Oliver’s reaction to the offer. The show clips reveal Oliver and Diggle seriously considering if the ‘Arrow’ and his team have actually made a difference in Starling City, ending with Oliver’s ominous exclamation that maybe he should become the next Ras Al Ghul.

In the clip from ‘The Flash,’ we see the Central City coroner dissecting the body of Clyde Mardo, the man with the weather powers Barry first faced in the pilot episode. It seems his brother is still alive, and the family seems to share the weather abilities, as brother Mardo mercilessly beats the coroner with what appears to be ice or hail, trying to get the name of the cop who shot his brother. As we, the audience, know it was Joe West, the clips reveals this episode will hit home for Barry, as he will not only have to foil the new Weather Wizard, but also protect the man who raised him after his mother’s murder.

In the final clip from ‘Supernatural,’ we see Sam and Dean exiting the home of a suspect, decked out in their fake FBI duds, only to find Cole hanging out near the car. Seems the man they’re investigating, Kit, is a friend of Cole’s, and he does not want the Winchester’s ‘hunting’ his buddy, who just happens to be a war hero. Against Dean’s better judgement, they agree to let Cole come along and help, owing to his military connections and relationship to Kit, though Sam does warn him to prepare for the worst, as Kit might not be Kit anymore.