Sony has posted a new trailer for the upcoming PS4-exclusive action RPG ‘Bloodborne.’

Titled “Undone by the Blood,” the new trailer contains pretty much all that you can come to expect from the rather dark looking Victorian-era inspired action RPG from the ‘Souls’ series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki. Loaded with monstrous creatures, creepy environments, crying babies and even some of ‘Bloodborne’s’ intense gameplay, it’s more than enough to put even the most hardcore of gamers at unease. Regardless, definitely take a look at the trailer below if you are down to get some chills down your spine.

‘Bloodborne’ is the latest game in the ‘Souls’ franchise, a series of action RPG dungeon crawlers that are known most famously among gamers for their intense difficulty. Despite ‘Bloodborne’ coming from the same lineage of games, it actually differs a bit in its gameplay. For starters, combat has been made to be much faster and offensive-focused rather than the slower defensive tactics employed in ‘Demon’s Souls’ and ‘Dark Souls.’  Another big new feature comes in the form of weapons each being expanded to feature two different modes of attack.

Taking place in the ruined gothic city of Yharnam, ‘Bloodborne’ puts players in control of a traveler who has embarked on a pilgrimage to the city due to the widespread belief that it holds a medical remedy capable of curing any affliction. But when it becomes increasingly clear that Yharnam is plagued by an endemic illness that had rendered all of its citizens into bestial creatures, what started out as a simple quest soon becomes a struggle to survive.

‘Bloodborne’ was initially scheduled to release on February 6, 2015. However, in order to better refine its gameplay and implement changes based on player feedback, developer From Software delayed it to the release date of March 24.

‘Bloodborne’ will release exclusively on the PS4 on March 24.

Source: Sony YouTube