This week’s episode of Touch is brought to us by the number 3021.

I have a lot of trouble watching this with interest, knowing that after the next two episodes Touch is 90% sure not to return and I’m fairly certain they will not actually end this show on anything but a cliffhanger.

However, I’ve developed a way to get me through this. Every time Martin says “Jake”, I’m going to take a drink. Please expect many typos by the end of this.

But here we go anyway.

It starts of somewhat ominous with two men outside Martin’s house with obviously nefarious motives.

Unbeknownst that his house is about to be intruded, Martin gets a phone  call from Trevor, where he informs Trevor that Guillermo is dead and that the same cop that investigated the deaths at Breakwire was the cop that investigated Guillermo’s death. For some reason, Martin thinks this is bad luck for a split second, and then he remembers that his kid is the king of coincidences. He therefore resolves to tell them everything because this may be the cop they have been looking for.

He ends the phone call because Jake shows up, and Martin assumes that he can’t sleep. Instead, Jake leads him Amelia who is staring at a wall. There, she starts to cry because she knows this was the place her mom used to stand when she was looking for her. While they talk about how wonderful and strong Lucy was, their home is invaded. Fortunately, Martin notices, and the three escape out the back door.

Meanwhile, at Aster Corps, we find out there is a problem that someone named Dr. McCormick was spotted. We find out this is a problem because they are trying to keep their research underwraps, and it doesn’t help that the person who knew him filed a missing person’s report on the man. Farington then decides it’s time to go on overdrive. When Dr. Linus expresses some reservations to this, Farington decides that if the side effects aren’t dying, then she doesn’t care what they are. Dutifully, Dr. Linus ups the dosages.

After the attack, Martin goes to Avram’s house and we learn that he apparently has a lot of really rich friends on the coast, because not only did he get Martin a nice house out there, but he’s staying in a really nice one himself.

They stay the night, and in the morning Avram says his cousin brought Martin’s car back… as if the murderers aren’t looking for his car? Or know what it is… I’m not sure, but it seems like a dumb plan. Like, I’m fairly sure that the would-be murderers are watching that house like a hawk, and know which car is Martin’s. But oh well. Doesn’t seem like it matters this episode.

Back at the sleep clinic, McCormack had his dose upped, and became unresponsive. Linus adds adrenaline, and he comes back to life and he pretends like the man wasn’t on the edge of death, but was in fact sleeping.

At Avram’s, Jake hands Avram Guillermo’s weapon and Avram explains it. It’s an amulet with a tree of life, and how important it is. Whosoever has it becomes the protector of the 36. Avram then goes on to state the obvious about why that’s so weird that Guillermo had it, seeing as the dude was hellbent on killing all of the 36. Jake then shows him his notebook filled with 3021.

Realizing its importance, Avram does some numerology and realizes 6 is for healing and surmises they are looking for a doctor, enters it into a computer and finds that McCormick is missing. Avram then follows Jake out of the apartment, knowing that he promised not to leave it. As they walk, Avram tries to justify why what they are doing is a good thing.

Meanwhile, Martin goes to the police station, where he and Amelia tell Detective Lang everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING. Then he gives him the number 3021 and says it will be important later on.

Avram meets the Lieutenant that ran into McCormick on the street and we find out that McCormick as the army doctor that saved his life. Avram tells him that they were sent to help find him, but in that magical crazy way Avram always tells people, so the guy walks away unconvinced.

When they follow him out, he crashes into a bicyclist who drops his glasses case. Jake picks it up, obviously to lead them somewhere else.

The next scene, we see a very disheveled Tony Rigby being arrested right before getting on a bus with the number 3021.

At the police station, the detective let’s them leave, and Martin seems pleased with what happened. Then he finds that Avram isn’t home and goes on a search to find the son he thinks is in danger.

While he’s gone, the detective found out that Martin’s story doesn’t make sense…. but the gun that killed Lucy Robbins was found out there. They soon find Martin’s prints on it.

While Martin look for Jake, a cop pulls them over and for some reason Martin gets out of the car… it turns out it saves Amelia the trouble of also getting taken in by the cops, but it is strange that he gets out the car to explain why he was speeding. That usually will put you on the ground with a gun in your face. Of course, it doesn’t help that the cops were after him anyway for the murder of Lucy Robbins.

At Aster Corps, Farington tells Norberg what happened to Martin, and Norberg seems unconvinced that Martin did it, something which is evident when he bails the man out for 2 million dollars later on in the episode when he reveals they are on the same team now. That team being Team Take-Down-Aster-Corps.

Avram and Jake stand around awhile, and then find Dr. McCormick. Avram does his magic by saying exactly the wrong mystical thing, and McCormick leaves.

Martin finds Amelia at his house, and the two go to find Jake according to Amelia’s vision. They find Avram and Jake at the end of failing to chase down McCormick, and Martin is pissed at Avram, but not that pissed that he still doesn’t offer him a ride home. As soon as Martin pulls out, Avram gets kidnapped and pulled into a grey van.

Back at Aster Corps, if Farington knows what Norberg did, she hasn’t let on. Instead, they talk about the progress they need to make, and Norberg pretends to be on board with all of it.

The episode ends when Martin calls Avram’s voicemail to apologize. There, we see Avram being put in a cell, and Jake then narrates that they may be running out of time.

So, it looks like everything may in fact be coming to a head. Maybe, in these last two episodes, everything will be resolved. Fingers crossed!