Last we heard there was no solid plans for a sequel to ‘Big Hero 6‘ though in the last month it sounds like that has changed. While the co-directors had originally said ““No sequel will ever get made unless the directors want one and feel strongly that there is a story that needs to be told,” it now seems as if “rumblings” of a sequel are being heard. Is Disney just banking that they need to do a follow up on their animated Marvel property or has an actual plot that the directors like come together?

Honestly, with the film having pulled in over $600 million world wide, winning an Oscar for ‘Best Animated Feature,’ and being Disney’s third highest grossing film of all time, you can bet your bottom dollar that they are going to want more Baymax on the big screen. Of course, with the first film being so enjoyable and the concept alone being franchise friendly it shouldn’t be hard to imagine more of this superhero team fighting crime.

While the directors haven’t commented further that a new story has come to the forefront, it seems that voice actress Genesis Rodriquez did imply that she had heard “rumblings of something else happening” for ‘Big Hero 6’:

Here are direct quotes from the interview the actress had with Screen Rant:

“There’s rumblings of something else happening. I mean yesterday I just saw that it’s the third most grossing Disney animated feature, so this is huge for them. I doubt that they wouldn’t want to do another one. It was a huge success… But they are doing ‘Frozen.’ So, who knows? Maybe they’ll do something with ‘Big Hero 6.’

… It’s a Marvel franchise that Disney adapted. Just like comic books, you could make it a complete different story and the superheroes reunited to attack someone else. So it’s a perfect little setup they got for a sequel if they wanted to.”

I think Rodriguez hit the nail on the head there by pointing out that the comic franchise does have a lot of back story that could be mined. It really isn’t a stretch of the imagination that there would be more films here and I was honestly surprised that the directors hadn’t originally just said another was in production.

I mean Marvel + Disney + an established mythology seems like a no brainer that there would be a cinematic follow up. Of course as she did mention ‘Frozen,’ it should be pointed out that no ‘Frozen’ sequel has been officially greenlit and only just the short film ‘Frozen Fever‘ which will appear before ‘Cinderella‘ has been the only thing planned.

Do you think this means they are creating a short for ‘Big Hero 6’ to be in front of another live action film or are they be working on a script for a full blown sequel? Share your thoughts below True Believers!