During their panel at PAX East 2015, Iron Galaxy Studios announced a new character for ‘Killer Instinct Season 2’ named Hisako.

Hisako, a character who looks to be clearly inspired by the spooky ghost child from ‘The Ring,’ is a 19-year old girl equipped with a naginata spear who is possessed by the spirit of ancient Samurai. Her fighting style puts her in the category of a grappler and counter-based character. In comparison to the other ‘Killer Instinct’ fighters, she plays much slower. However, this choice was deliberate on part of Iron Galaxy Studios.

From the footage below, Hisako’s move set looks to be pretty brutal with her interesting normal attacks and her setups involving her repertoire of different counter moves. But what makes Hisako unique is her wrath meter, a bar that decreases every time a player uses a move that uses her naginata. Why you ask? Because each naginata hit that makes contact is also a counter-attack.

While Hisako does not have a whole lot of moves, her complexity as a fighter comes from her ability to scare opponents into a heated panic with her wide variety of counter setups and throws. Those excited to play her can expected to when she is made available sometime at the end of March.

On top of news about Hisako, Iron Galaxy Studios also revealed information on a new mode called Shadows, an asynchronous game mode that allows players to fight against a ghost version of a human player’s character when they are not around. For those confused, think of it like an AI representation of your chosen character that embodies your skills and abilities as a player that people online get to fight when you are not around to play.

A player’s ‘Killer Instinct’ Shadow character is based on their own skill and personality. This means that if a player’s performance improves, so will the Shadow. But if their skill lowers, the Shadow’s skill will fall as well. As far as personality goes, if a player has a tendency to goof off and teabag a player when they defeat their opponent, then the Shadow will also take on that trait as well.

As of this writing, Shadows Mode is expected to launch sometime in April. Iron Galaxy Studios promises to share more content about the mode as the weeks progress.

‘Killer Instinct Season 2’ is available now only for the Xbox One.

Source: ‘Killer Instinct’ YouTube 12