I love what Blumnouse has been doing with horror over the past few years so am shuddering in terror that they’re hopping on the remake train with a new take on Stephen King‘s ‘Firestarter.’ Sure, the original was released back in 1984 and feels a little dated and yes they now have the amazingly talented Akiva Goldsman (‘I Am Legend’, has been’A Beautiful Mind’) on board to direct, but I can’t even imagine what he’ll be doing for this to make it worth our time.

This is the second time that a remake was proposed with the last being in 2010 by Universal and the De Laurentis Company which never went anywhere.

Goldsman tends to be best known for the films he writes or produces and hasn’t done all that much while sitting in the director’s chair so it could be kind of interesting to see what he puts together. He tends to dabble in science fiction that fits this style so it could be a good fit for him to handle.

The news came during the Overlook Film Festival tonight when Goldsman and Jason Blum shared the stage to announce that they would be working together on the remake. They were originally there to discuss their upcoming joint film ‘Stephanie’ which Goldsman-directed and Blum produced. Like ‘Firestarter,’ this movie is about a troubled girl only this one is haunted by monsters and can’t set fires with her mind.

Goldsman’s greatest strength has always been his writing, and he will be penning the script with scribe Scott Teems (‘Rectify’). Martha de Laurentiis who was an associate producer on the original film will also be on board as an Executive Producer.

Quite a bit of King’s work is in development at the moment including a remake of ‘It‘ going from a mini-series to a movie and ‘The Mist‘ going from a film to an ongoing series so this news isn’t too much of a surprise.

Still, I’d love to see Goldsman tackling more original work instead.

Do you feel that ‘Firestarter’ needs a cinematic update? Will Goldsman be able to bring something original to the table when the film is released? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Slash Film

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