Capcom has announced a beta for the upcoming ‘Street Fighter V,’ and also showcased some gameplay of returning character, Charlie Nash.

Currently, there aren’t very much details concerning the ‘Street Fighter V’ beta. According to a blog post on Capcom Unity, it will be “the largest and most ambitious online beta program in franchise history,” and that it “will be essential to collect your feedback and to ensure that Street Fighter V is the best iteration yet.”

For North American gamers interested in participating in the ‘Street Fighter V’ beta, they can guarantee access by simply pre-ordering the title. As of writing, no dates for the beta have been announced, nor has there been any information concerning how long it would be or even what characters would be available for play. However, Capcom promises that more of these details will be “revealed in the future.”

As far as the new footage goes, it finally showcases some of fighting techniques that players can expect from Charlie Nash, who fans will remember as the best friend of Guile whose apparent demise in ‘Street Fighter Alpha II’  had served as the reasoning behind Guile’s quest for vengeance against M. Bison back in ‘Street Fighter II: The World Warrior’.

From the looks of Charlie’s gameplay reveal, it seems like he has returned a bit different than the Charlie that fans remember him as. Sporting a “Frankenstein’s Monster”-like appearance, the footage shows not only Charlie’s classic moves but some new tricks as well, such as a downward flash kick, a teleporting move and even a sonic boom attack into the faces of downed opponents. Definitely check it all out in the video below.

Announced during Sony’s PlayStation Experience event, ‘Street Fighter V’ is the newest entry in Capcom’s long running fighting game franchise. It will be released as an exclusive title on PS4 and Windows PC, and will feature cross-platform play between the two in its online functionality.

‘Street Fighter V’ does not have a release date yet but is expected to release exclusively for PS4 and Windows PC. 

Source: Capcom Unity Blog