Louis Vuitton Lightning Final Fantasy

Venerable couture design house Louis Vuitton has a new Spring/Summer 2016 line, dubbed ‘Series 4’ which is completely expected.  What isn’t expected is the face of its ad campaign.  It’s not Gisele Bundchen or Gigi Hadid or any of the other hottest fashion models in the world, or even a rising Hollywood star.  It’s Lightning, from the Final Fantasy video game series!

Vuitton decided that rather than partner with one of the most famous photographers in the world like Annie Lebovitz or Bruce Webber which it has for previous ‘Series’ campaigns, to enlist Japanese video game artist Tetsuya Nomura, who chose to feature the character Lightning in the artwork for ‘Series 4’.


This is in keeping with the overall Japanese theme of the collection.  Music will be provided by Japanese musician Keiichiro Shibuya, a composer behind the successful Hatsune Miku software, an animated girl whose voice is provided by synthesizer technology but that has gained success as an actual performer, with her animated live performances created by projections.

Japan, it should be noted, is the second largest luxury market in the world and of course Final Fantasy is also huge there.  So in many ways it makes sense.  And Lightning is one of the most popular characters– if not THE most popular character– from the franchise.

Lightning can be seen modelling clothing from Vuitton’s Series 4 as well as showing off some of their signature handbags in this animated short released by Louis Vuitton creative director Nicolas Ghesquière via Instagram:

Lighting and other Final Fantasy characters previously appeared in a 2012 fashion pictorial for Prada in a Japanese magazine.

Is this a sign that the Geeks have truly inherited the Earth, becoming the target audiences for a high end fashion house?  Or is Louis Vuitton simply attempt to appear Geek Chic?

Source: NewNowNext