Professional wrestling has always had a connection to the world of comic books. After all, men and women wearing spandex and engaging in the eternal battle between good and evil sounds like something straight out of the Marvel Universe. But these days, it seems like wrestlers are getting more and more involved in actual comics as opposed to finding success in comic book movies like ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ star Dave Bautista or future Black Adam Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Previously, former WWE Superstar and current UFC fighter CM Punk announced that he would be contributing to DC/Vertigo’s ‘Startling Sports Stories’ and Marvel’s ‘Thor Annual’ #1. However, before the Straight Edge Superstar got into writing comics, former TNA Impact stars and current members of the Ring of Honor roster Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian appeared as guest creators on ‘Aw Yeah Comics!’ from ‘Tiny Titans’ creators Art Baltazar and Franco. Now, the team known as Bad Influence (or The Addiction, depending on which wrestling organization you prefer) is looking for some respectable establishments to carry their team up with Action Cat and Adventure Bug and the AMC network seems to have the perfect one in mind.

After facing off in a triple threat tag team match against formidable foes The Kingdom and The Bullet Club at ROH’s 13th Anniversary in Las Vegas on March 1st on Pay-Per-View at 8:00pm, Kaz and the Fallen Angel will appear on an episode of Kevin Smith’s ‘Comic Book Men’ at midnight to see if the Stash would carry their ‘Aw Yeah Comics’ one-shot. Here’s the episode description courtesy of PWInsider:

Kevin [Smith]’s assistant Ashley comes to the Stash and learns about comic-book retail. Meanwhile, a pair of pro-wrestlers want to sell their comic.

But what exactly does this comic of theirs entail besides characters that sound like they’re from Cartoon Network (or Philadelphia-based organization Chikara)? Here’s the synopsis of ‘Christopher Daniels & Kazarian Wrestle AW YEAH COMICS!’:

Pro-Wrestling SUPERSTARS Christopher Daniels & KAZARIAN travel to Beautiful Downtown Skokie to challenge Action Cat & Adventure Bug to a TAG-TEAM wrestling match?! What the…? How did this happen? That doesn’t sound right. How can real-life wrestlers meet comic book characters? Hhmm… I wonder if that bottle of Super Secret Inter-Dimensional Transit Potion has anything to do with this! You bet it does!

How do you think Walt and the rest of the gang will react to Daniels and Kazarian? Will their ‘Aw Yeah Comics’ crossover end up on the shelves at the Secret Stash? Let us know if you plan on tuning in to find out.