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Season Seven of HBO’s monster hit ‘Game of Thrones’ has been a real roller coaster and while many are still reeling from the penultimate episode, “Beyond the Wall,” the entire season– and in many ways, the entire series– has been building to next week’s season finale.  The various rulers and their armies have descended upon the Dragonpit and while Jon and Daenerys may be attempting to broker peace with Cersei… well, that would make for a pretty weak finale, wouldn’t it?  And this show isn’t built on being predictable or uneventful.

The trailer for the seventh and final episode of the season is largely without dialogue but the one line uttered belongs to Jon Snow and should spell out what to expect from the big event:

 “There is only one war that matters, and it is here.”

Also visible in the trailer are Tyrion, Davos and Jaime as well as  Theon, Varys, and Bronn plus Sansa, who is holding down the fort in Winterfell.

But who will this battle be fought between?  That remains to be seen.  Will Cersei be forced to team with the others in order to fend off the wight army, which is now fortified with… well, no spoilers.  Let’s just say that the odds are now more balanced than before between the White Walkers and the rest.

You can watch the ominous trailer below:

Whatever happens, keep in mind there is still one final season left to go.  Even if this episode is one long battle, there are still a lot more twists and turns and political backstabbing to go.  It can’t be easy!  Where would the fun lie there?

But with the series approaching its wrap-up, expect the stakes to escalate and that begins here.

Are you ready to get your last serving of ‘GoT’ for the year?

Source: Winter Is Coming