Bethesda Softworks has released a trailer for the upcoming ‘The Evil Within’ DLC simply entitled ‘The Assignment’.

The teaser trailer for the DLC is immensely short, but it does give a slight glimpse at the new creature that players will be forced to confront.

Initially teased earlier this month, ‘The Assignment’ is the first of three downloadable add-ons for the survival horror title offered by its $20 season pass. It will be a story-driven mission that puts players in control of Juli Kidman, the partner of ‘The Evil Within’ protagonist Sebastian Castellanos.

The release window for the add-on has also been set to sometime in March. Following it on an unannounced date will be the title’s second DLC entitled ‘The Consequence’, which will conclude Kidman’s two-part story arc. Details on the third expected DLC’s release date have yet to be revealed, but it will star the enemy monster known as Boxhead in his own single-player mission.

‘The Assignment’ was originally planned to be the second of the string of three DLCs hitting ‘The Evil Within’ by way of Season Pass. However, Bethesda switched up the order of the add-ons to instead release Kidman’s DLC first.

Released back in October 2014, ‘The Evil Within’ is a survival horror game made by famed ‘Resident Evil’ creator Shinji Mikami and his team at Tango Gameworks. The game puts players in the shoes of Detective Sebastian Castellanos as he investigates the scene of a mass murder in a local asylum. However, when him and his partners are suddenly attack by a powerful force, Castellanos is soon dragged down into a deranged world filled with hideous creatures. Leading this nightmare is a hooded man covered in burns whose existence only leads to more questions. As Castellanos, players must unravel the mystery behind the powerful force all while doing everything they can to survive.

‘The Assignment’ will be releasing sometime in March. ‘The Evil Within’ is available now for Xbox one, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and Windows PC. 

Source: Bethesda Blog