After spending some time trying to protect the newest hot commodity of Central City, this week’s episode of ‘The Flash’ ended with Ronnie Raymond and Dr. Martin Stein becoming Firestorm and epically flying off to find someone to help control their powers. The intended destination is Pittsburgh, but is it possible that the flaming fighter finds his (their?) way to Starling City? Some new evidence has surfaced that might point towards yes.

Recently, Robbie Amell posted on his Instagram that he stopped by to visit his cousin Stephen. It was a nice moment to see these famous family members catching up. However, this wasn’t just any regular visit since the older Amell stars in ‘Arrow’ and the two were in costume as their respective superheroes. Does this mean that another crossover between the Emerald Archer’s CW series and its spinoff are in the works again? Robbie’s caption wasn’t much help with an answer since it just hyped his upcoming movie ‘The Duff’, but I’m guessing that the two don’t just meet up wearing their Arrow and Firestorm costumes. While we await clarification, check out the picture of the Amell cousins below:

Oliver Queen has his hands full with Ra’s al Ghul and Malcolm Merlyn (and potentially WWE’s newest vigilante, Sting) right now, but is a confrontation with Firestorm on the horizon? It’s possible that Robbie and Stephen were just messing with fans of the popular DC Comics shows, but it would certainly be interesting to see the Arrow take on a metahuman such as Firestorm. We’re probably more likely to see the two of them team up, but even allies like Ollie and Barry Allen compete from time to time for sport. No matter what the true meaning of this picture is, it is interesting to speculate for now.

Would you want to see Firestorm make the jump from ‘The Flash’ to ‘Arrow’? Do you think that Robbie and Stephen Amell are just trolling their fans? Share your thoughts in the comment section.