Remember back when you were a kid, and you were watching one awesome movie after another awesome movie, and wondering “why aren’t there toys for this”? Well, while they might be a few years late for some peoples taste, Funko is taking the initiative to bring you toys of all of your favorite films and TV shows that you loved growing up (along with a few modern favorites) based on the classic designs of the 80’s! With their ReAction line, Funko is making brand new figures of all of your favorites in the style of the classic Kenner ’Star Wars’ figures! They started with producing a line of figures for ’ALIEN’ that was never produced back in 1979, and now they’re pumping out a TON of great new classically styled figures! They’re brand new while still retro and it’s a win-win all around!

Now this past weekend at Toy Fair 2015, Funko announced some of the new ReAction figures we’ll be seeing hitting the market over the next year, and wow do some of them look amazing! Some of these figures have been ‘in demand’ since the 1970’s, so it’s great to see them finally coming to life! Check out the full list below-


Arrow, The Flash, and The Boondock Saints

Big Trouble In Little China and The Fifth Element

Breaking Bad and The Karate Kid

Gremlins and Fight Club

Pulp Fiction

Taxi Driver, Scarface, and Jaws

Terminator 2 and Classic Star Trek


So which new ReAction figures are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments section below! I know that this writer personally can’t wait to get their hands on that ‘Jaws’ set! Be sure to stay tuned to as our Toy Fair 2015 coverage continues!