Robert Forster in Amazing Stories
Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is doing its best to be the streaming David taking on the reigning Goliaths– Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.  Perhaps the next pebble in its slingshot is the reboot of Steven Spielberg’s ‘Amazing Stories’.  Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz (ABC’s ‘Once Upon a Time’) serve as executive producers and showrunners of this anthology.  The first season will present five amazing stories, directed by Mark Mylod (‘Succession’, ‘Game of Thrones’), Chris Long (‘The Americans’), Michael Dinner (‘Unbelievable’), Sylvain White (‘The Rookie’), and Susanna Fogel (‘Utopia’).

The first episode was directed by Mylod and is entitled “The Rift.”  Kerry Lynne Bishé, Whitney Coleman, Trisha Mashburn, Austin Stowell, Edward Burns, and Juliana Canfield star.


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Subsequent episodes will be named “Boogey Night,” “Dynoman and the Volt,” “The Cellar,” and “Signs of Life.”  Among the stars that will appear are Dylan O’Brien (‘Maze Runner’, ‘Teen Wolf’), Victoria Pedretti (‘You’), Josh Holloway (‘Lost’, ‘Yellowstone’), and Sasha Alexander (‘Rizzoli & Isles’, ‘Shameless’).  (Very little information has been released, so it isn’t clear yet which directors helmed which episodes and who acts in them.)

One thing that can be gleaned from the trailer is that the amazing Robert Forster starred in “Dynoman and the Volt.”  It was his last acting job before he passed away in October.

Get a taste of all five episodes in the trailer below:


While viewers have gotten used to the anthology format thanks to ‘Black Mirror’ and ‘The Twilight Zone’, this one has a decidedly more uplifting Spielberg/Amblin tone.  Will that entice fans that might be seeking something less bleak as other sci-fi projects?


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Hopefully, as there is already a second season in the pipeline.  One of those episodes is named “The Heat,” but the titles of the others is not yet known.

“The Rift” will be released on Friday, March 6.  Like the rest of the shows on Apple TV+, episodes of ‘Amazing Story’ will arrive one-per-week.

Are you looking forward to this revival?


Source: TV Line